Tom Bradley Terminal, Los Angeles International Airport, CA
November 2015-June 2016

Camelot was a site-specific installation that gave form to the imagined mental state of a disoriented international traveler who has just had to pass through the abrupt scrutiny of customs and border control after the lethargy of flying and is walking down a dim corridor to recheck bags for the next leg of travel. In my mash-up of urban architecture, buildings from different cities, some misremembered or out of scale, some hybrids of two or more towers, and some ghosts of buildings that have been torn down or were never actually built share space in a luminous landscape that resonates with the memories of cities in the traveler’s mind. The installation was created in response to the unique state of mind of passengers coming out of the numbing suspension of a long flight, possibly processing the sensations of multiple cities visited, or preoccupied with a connecting flight that will continue on far from Los Angeles. The traveler is in a kind of limbo, a state of mind that the artist considers dreamlike and poetic.

Camelot was commissioned by City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and LA World Airports.

Technical support for this project was provided by Golden Artist Colors, Inc.