Method of Loci

2012, CentralTrak Gallery, University of Texas at Dallas

Method of Loci is a mnemonic system that relies on our ability to remember spaces.

In 2010, I traveled to Chicago to visit some buildings by visionary 20th Century architect Bertrand Goldberg.  I am fascinated with his work and ideas, his famous break with Mies van der Rohe, the sculptural presence of his round buildings, the idealism of wanting to create mixed-use housing, hospitals, beautiful and sophisticated public housing for the poor.  For the two years following, I created drawings and sculptures based in my disintegrating and shifting memories of the Chicago buildings, particularly Prentice Women’s Hospital which is slated for demolition by Northwestern University.

Method of Loci was a meditation on Goldberg but also my way of trying to come to terms with the mutability of memory, the inevitability of loss and the nature of obsession.

Drawings from the exhibition are here